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School Trips to Asia & Oceania

Asia travel destinations are increasingly popular for school groups. Whether your students are learning to speak Japanese or studying Chinese history, nothing compares to being immersed in authentic context. Australia and New Zealand, located in the greater Asia Pacific region, are also increasingly popular school trip destinations. We offer trips to all the major countries and cities in Asia and Oceania, and we can arrange travel to practically any destination desired. Tours in Asia often include several cities and, depending on the length of the trip, multiple countries. This allows students the opportunity to get maximum exposure on what may be a once of a lifetime opportunity. Another approach is to focus on one country and just a couple cities, in order to do a deeper dive into the culture of a specific region. Browse common Asia and Oceania travel destinations here or contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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Popular Tours in Asia & Oceania

Visit the incredible Land Down Under and its quirky but majestic neighbor in the Southern Hemisphere.
Visit the fabulous, oil-rich federation of city-states in the Middle East, known as the United Arab Emirates.
This immense country has deeply ingrained religous and cultural traditions that permeate the lifestyles of its people.
Explore this country of old and new cities, earthly and ethereal landscapes, and impressive historical sights.

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