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Language and Cultural Immersion

Popular with foreign language classes, immersion travel involves visiting places where locals are from a different culture and/or speak another dialect. Immersion trips provide foreign language students the opportunity to learn from native speakers in authentic context. Language immersion also forces students to use the local language in order to get by, which greatly enhances uptake. You can dive deep into new languages and cultures without leaving the United States! Take advantage of the melting pot of cultures available without breaking your budget. Students do not have to be learning a new language, however, to benefit from experiencing other cultures. Cultural immersion trips provide students the opportunity to study customs, architecture, cuisine, art, clothes and more. View some popular language and cultural immersion travel offerings below and contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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Popular Immersion Trips

Our nation’s capital has pockets of French language and culture that make for an interesting twist on the standard tour.
This large state has diverse cultural influences with the Amish in the countryside and immigrant communities in the big cities.
The State of New York has numerous immersion opportunities above and beyond the familiar ones in NYC.
Take your students to the immigration epicenter of the U.S. for unique cultural and language immersion experiences.
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut all have remnants of French Canadian culture.
Visit the lively city of New Orleans to explore the French cultural influences on its architecture, cuisine and local dialects.
Rich in diversity, Miami is the perfect domestic destination for a Spanish language or cultural immersion trip.
Both the big city of Montreal and the quaint burg of Quebec City make for excellent French immersion destinations.
A former territory of Spain and then Mexico, California has the history, cuisine and Spanish speakers for a truly immersive trip.

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