Agreement by and between Four Winds Tours & Travel, hereinafter called FWTT; and [Name of School], hereinafter called the CLIENT.

  1. FWTT will provide all services listed as per the pre-negotiated terms of the last page of the itinerary, submitted to you, the CLIENT.
  2. The CLIENT shall accept full responsibility for any damages, misconduct, theft, and/or vandalism incurred by any member of the CLIENT’s group.
  3. FWTT makes the arrangements well in advance and is not responsible for any force majeure, including but not limited to strikes, war, weather related problems which could result in changes in flight schedules/cancellations, traffic delays, interruptions and/or cancellations of outdoor activities, etc., which are beyond the control of FWTT.
  4. All arrangements are made on a commercially reasonable effort basis and FWTT is not responsible for third party delays and cancellations.


  1. [Insert Amount of Initial Deposit] is due upon signing of this agreement.

In addition, any monies that are required to be released for specific reservations of transportation or events such as theatre tickets, baseball games, concerts, etc., will be due upon finalization of the event with the Vendors.]

[$X is due on XX/XX/XX]

[$X is due on XX/XX/XX]

[$X is due on XX/XX/XX]

[Final Balance is due on XX/XX/XX]

  1. Cancellation Schedule:
  • [Insert Date 90 days prior to Departure]: (90 days prior to departure) 50% of FWTT invoice total together with any additional non-refundable contractual obligations incurred by FWTT on behalf of the client is non-refundable.
  • [Insert date 60 days prior to Departure]: (60 days prior to departure) the total FWTT invoice, is non-refundable.

In the event of a cancellation at any other time, FWTT is entitled to retain 100% of the sums which were spent by FWTT on behalf of the CLIENT together with any other non-refundable contractual obligations incurred by FWTT on behalf of CLIENT plus a ten

(10%) per cent handling fee. For the avoidance of doubt, FWTT is entitled to 10% of the total group invoice amount as a handling fee for arranging the trip and providing its services.  

  1. If your counts drop below the confirmed amount there WILL be a supplement to the tour cost quoted in the original agreed proposal.

Please note that the payment schedules of our individual vendors vary and some require immediate and full payment with strict cancellation policies and refund restrictions. If your trip must be cancelled for unforeseen circumstances, FWTT will work with you to recover as much money as possible, but will remain subject to constraints posed by the vendors.

The undersigned do hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth above.

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Four Winds Tours & Travel Representative                    Date

____________________________________      _________________________

Signature for Organization (Client)                                Date

Please note any payments received as per the invoice and payment schedule will serve as binding agreement to terms set herewith.