Trip to New York City

The trip was AWESOME!  First, I’d like to say that our bus driver was the BEST.  She moved around that city like a pro and got us everywhere we needed to be on schedule. Every event went off without a hitch and the kids loved it. The hotel was good, not too far from the city, reasonable rooms and the fridges were a big help. Our favorite tour was Madison Square Garden with Wall Street coming in a close second. Our favorite meal was La Mela (both food and service were outstanding). This is the best field trip we’ve taken. Four Winds did all the hard work and we just got to have fun!  Not having to worry about reservations and tips and all the extras really allowed the chaperones to enjoy everything as much as the kids did! I will highly recommend Four Winds to anyone planning a trip!

-Suzanne Winters, Nashua North & South High School, NYC, November 2018

New York City Senior Class Trip

Your ears must have been ringing because we have a meeting... and class trip is on the agenda. I will say last year's trip went very well and you were awesome to work with. I can't wait to do it all again!

-Mike Rowland, Conant High School, New York City Senior Class Trip, June 2018

New Life Cathedral Washington DC Trip

With sincere gratitude, we thank Max for his efficiency, attention to details and working closing with us to make our Washington DC a huge success.

-Nadine Cooke, New Life Cathedral, Washington DC June 2018, June 2018

Senior Trip to Boston with DJ Dinner Cruise and Six Flags New England

Everything was great!   The students had a great time and they totally enjoyed everything you had planned for them.   We loved the cruise the food was delicious and the students loved the DJ and dancing!  The bus driver we had was so accommodating and friendly!   It was a wonderful and memorable weekend.  Thank you to Max and yourself for everything you did to make the 2018 senior trip to Boston a hugh success!!!!

-Paula Colvin, Fort Plain High School, Senior Trip to Boston, May 2018

Day Trip to D.C. with Performance at Lincoln Memorial

My school had a wonderful day on our tour.  The bus driver was very friendly and willing to pick us up at any location.  All of the details were organized ahead of time so it was an enjoyable trip leading, not a stressful one.  My students even had the opportunity to perform at the Lincoln Memorial, all organized by FourWinds.  I would highly recommend them for your future trip and performance needs.

-Luke Forshey, Choir Director, East Pennsboro Area Middle School, Day Trip to D.C., May 2018

Senior Trip to Disney Orlando & Fullsail College Campus Tour

Everything was well organized and I did not have to worry about anything except the students. The college and tour was a  great choice. I"m glad we switched. Overall it was an excellent trip with good service. The students enjoyed themselves. The bus company we used was a good choice. The students had lots to eat at Disney and the food was good. Check in was easy and  Disney resolved any issues we had.  Thank you for everything.

-Denise Jennings, The School for Human Rights, Disney Orlando Senior Trip Spring 2018, May 2018

Trip in California

My name is Jeff Kashiwa and I have been an Ensemble Instructor at Shoreline Community College for the past 9 years. I have also had 30 years of experience as a touring musician. I wanted to share a little of my background, because you’ll know I speak from experience when I say, “Four Winds Tours made our traveling experience stress free and memorable!” 
Four Winds Tours took care of every detail of our school trip to Los Angeles/Orange County including airfare, ground transportation, lodging, sight seeing tours breakfast and dinners. This was also bundled with the Disney Performing Arts Experience where the students participated in a film scoring recording session one day and performed in Disneyland the next day. Being a Washington State institution Shoreline Community College requires a stack of paperwork in order to get such a trip funded. With Four Winds Tours our agent Susan Perleoni worked with the college administration to complete all paper work with just one simple all inclusive invoice. So much easier than having multiple invoices for air, hotel, ground respectively. I will use Four Winds Tours for all future travel arrangements so that music can remain our primary focus and not all the details of traveling with a 22 piece band!

-Jeff Kashiwa, Ensemble Instructor, Shoreline Community College, Los Angeles/Orange County, May 2018

Diversity Trip to NYC

I want to tell you all what a great overall trip we had.  And so much of that was due to your planning and attentive support.  It was evident to every one of us on the trip that you had our best interests in mind, and were absolutely on top of the details and last-minute changes.   As the lead teacher of this trip, as well as a parent of one of the students, this was deeply appreciated.  Our tour was a really great way to experience the diverse vitality that is (and has always been) the lifeblood of American creativity and energy and a key to its greatness.  I have to say, of all the companies I tried out when I was shopping around, yours was the only one who really got what it was we were looking for, which was not the normal, well-worn ruts of tourist travel, but rather exploring the complex reality of the city, the evolution of one of the most vibrant places on Earth. Thank you for listening to our wishes and making them happen.

-Birch Graves, Greenbrier Episcopal, NYC, May 2018

Trip for 275 Students and Teachers to Montreal, Canada

Our Music and Art departments just recently completed a combined trip to Montreal. What an amazing experience for all involved. Four Winds was very flexible, creative and very knowledgeable in preparing our trip. We had a very large number of people that needed to be coordinated around the city at the same time and it was executed perfectly. From the hotel choice and location, to the restaurants and eating experiences, to the local attractions and landmarks that were suggested for us to go were perfect. In depth workshops were arranged for us through the University of McGill and they were spectacular. We had a marvelous concert at St. Jax and ended the day with an unforgettable dinner at the "Sugar Shack". One word came out of every students mouth, WOW! Everything was fantastic. The teachers and students are still talking about the trip. If the students were happy you know the trip was a success. As we arrived home and the buses were unloading all I received from the parents were KUDOS. This was an experience to remember always.

-Walter J. Lastowski, District Director of Art and Music, George W. Hewlett High School, "An Unbelievable Trip for 275 Students and Teachers to Montreal, Canada", April 2018

Marching Band Trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg & Virginia Beach

We just got back from our trip to Virginia and it was absolutely perfect.  FourWinds planned a wonderful trip for us and everything that was planned went smoothly.  With this being my first trip I took as director, I was a little nervous about everything, but the constant communication with the staff at FourWinds helped me not worry about the trip at all.  I will definitely be using FourWinds for any trip we take in the future.

-Mr. Matthew Roble, Derry Area Middle School, Busch Gardens Williamsburg & Virginia Beach, April 2018