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Field Trip Destinations

Where do you want to take your students for their next field trip? Depending on where your school is located, there many be many field trip possibilities within a short drive. Select one of the states listed to see nearby day trip itineraries. If none of the field trip destinations are in your area, request a customized quote that addresses your specific needs.

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Locations with Sample Field Trip Itineraries

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From larger-than-life monuments to the grand exhibits at the Smithsonian, explore all that our nation's capital has to offer.
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The Commonwealth of Virginia boasts an enticing array of educational and entertaining attractions for all ages.
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Most know for its rich musical heritage, Tennessee also has thrilling theme parks and Smoky Mountains National Park.
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From the rural Amish country to the City of Brotherly Love, Pennsylvania has an abundance to study and enjoy.
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Most Ohio school trips target Cleveland, the lakeside city chock-full of fun and educational nearby attractions.
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North Carolina! When visiting this southern state, you will enjoy warm summers and cool winters. There are beautiful mountains to explore and museums, parks, and zoos to visit.
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The Big Apple boasts many historic landmarks as well as a cornucopia of arts and entertainment venues.
NJ.2e16d0ba.fill-358x217.2e16d0ba.fill-358x217 (1)
There are beaches, theme parks, museums, different places to shop, and more! Whether you are looking for a relaxing day enjoying the beach and boardwalk.
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Take your to visit Boston, MA, or one of many other destinations in the historic New England region.
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Maryland! Visit the Baltimore Inner Harbor, the Baltimore National Aquarium, or even spend the day riding roller coasters at Six Flags America.

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