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Educational Field Trip Ideas

Both high school and middle school students look forward to field trips. These journeys off school grounds allow students to explore subjects in the real world and connect those learnings back to the classroom. For middle school field trips, possibilities are typically limited to destinations that can be reached via a short bus ride. High […]

Field Trip Destinations

Where do you want to take your students for their next field trip? Depending on where your school is located, there many be many field trip possibilities within a short drive. Select one of the states listed to see nearby day trip itineraries. If none of the field trip destinations are in your area, request a customized quote that addresses your […]

Music Travel in the USA

There are a wide variety of music ensembles and venues befitting them. Marching bands frequently travel to perform in band competitions and parades. Concert bands and choirs often travel to play in concert halls or other public venues where people gather. If your group of music students wants to travel and perform somewhere exciting, in […]

International Music Tours

Some music programs get the incredible opportunity to travel abroad, whether that is to participate in an international music festival, to march in a world-renowned parade, perform at a historic venue or to explore the musical traditions of another culture. Aside from performing, these international music trips allow students to experience distant lands and foreign […]

Canada Tours

Canada is home to incredible diversity on both sides of the country and a wealth of natural beauty inbetween. Visit Montreal and Quebec City for French immersion, or trek around the stunning, mirror-like Lake Louise. There are plenty of ideal destinations for student travel in Canada. Explore popular Canadian school trip destinations now or contact […]

Africa Trips

Whether you are visiting Africa to see its diverse ecosystems and their incredible wildlife or to learn more about the many unique cultures throughout the continent–your visit to Africa surely won’t disappoint! There are over 1,500 known African languages and each nation has its own unique history. Explore popular African school trip destinations now or […]

School Trips to Asia & Oceania

Asia travel destinations are increasingly popular for school groups. Whether your students are learning to speak Japanese or studying Chinese history, nothing compares to being immersed in authentic context. Australia and New Zealand, located in the greater Asia Pacific region, are also increasingly popular school trip destinations. We offer trips to all the major countries […]

Latin America Trips

South America, Central America and Mexico have become increasingly popular travel destinations for student tour groups. These regions offer fascinating cultures (past and present), incredible natural scenery and ample opportunities for adventure. Explore popular Latin America school trip destinations now or contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

Student Europe Tours

Educational tours to Europe are very popular for students, particularly for those classes studying European foreign languages. Traveling to a foreign country where the language is natively spoken makes for an immersive experience. In addition, the tightly packed region’s rich history provides innumerable opportunities to explore additional avenues of learning. Europe tours are also popular […]

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