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Spring Break Volunteering in the Appalachians

Over 50 students and chaperones from New Hampshire spent their spring break in West Virginia helping to improve housing conditions with Habitat for Humanity. The students, who attend Bishop Brady High School in Concord, drove 12 hours to Lewisburg, where they stayed for 7 days and 6 nights of volunteer service. The group raised funds to help pay for the cost of the trip, which included bus travel, lodging and incidentals.

Working with Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity, a regional affiliate of the national charity, the group split into two work teams each day. One team volunteered 20 minutes east in the community of White Sulphur Springs, while the other worked at a location in Lewisburg. The teams helped local residents with a variety of housing improvement projects, such as landscaping, graffiti cleanup, building repairs, painting and more.

In addition to daily volunteer work, students also participated in activities that enhanced their bonds with the locals and each other. Some of the projects took place at rural locations, and the kids had the chance to get up close and personal with farm animals like goats and even llamas. Since the group was staying together in non-commercial lodgings, they shared in the responsibilities like cooking meals and cleaning duties. Building this sense cooperation and teamwork is another positive outcome of a service learning trips.

Brady Bishop High School has traveled to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in several different locations over the last six years. According to parent and chaperone Ray Labbe, “This is our most rewarding trip that Fourwinds plans. So proud of my Bishop Brady kids!!!” It is inspiring to see students and parents volunteer their time and energy to help other families that need it most.

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