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Planning an Enjoyable Educational Trip

As most teachers know, you can never be too prepared for school trips. You need to anticipate the many needs and issues that may arise, whether that involves bringing school supplies, first aid kits, emergency contact lists, students’ special medication needs, checklists of students and chaperones, emergency cash, contact information for all the venues you are visiting, the trip itinerary and more. Fortunately, working with experienced planners like Fourwinds Tours & Travel will help you get everything together without missing a beat. That is not where our role ends, however. What if something completely unexpected happens? Your tour specialists will be on call waiting to help with all your needs. We will do everything in our power to ensure you have a seamless trip.

Planning is one aspect of the hard work, but it is also important to walk through the trip beforehand to avoid potential disasters. Knowing exactly what to expect makes a world of difference. For example, something totally innocent could be misconstrued by your students, sitting in a waiting room for an hour might cause issues, or you might want to rethink having a big meal right before heading to a Six Flags theme park. Having expert advice relieves the pressure on you to foresee these types of issues and provides insight into the best ways to proceed.

Students and faculty often have different expectations for school trips, however, we can suggest ways to accommodate both. Do the students want to do something hands on whereas you want them to learn about history and culture? Perhaps an interactive museum perhaps would offer the right balance. Do you have an educational series of seminars or lectures planned, but also want to intersperse fun in the students’ day? Spending the night at the zoo may be a great option. Do you to teach the students to work hard, use teamwork AND have a good time? Perhaps volunteering to clean a park or paint an inner city school would be appropriate. There are many options that will be sure to provide a wholesome, educational and fun school trip experience. Our student tour planners can help you think of ideas that you may have never thought were an option, and you will get to lead the exciting trip you experienced by your students.

Planning trips on top of the everyday teaching responsibilities can be overwhelming. Everyone wants to be a fun teacher with great plans, but there is only so much time in the day when you have so many other responsibilities. Fortunately, we can help you make the next school trip educational, fun and safe (and a break from routine for you). Contact Four Winds Tours & Travel today to learn more.

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