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Planning a Trip for Band or Other Music Group

Your band students have devoted a lot of time and energy into practicing, both individually and collectively, and now you want all their hard work to culminate into an experience that creates memories to last a lifetime. Perhaps you should lead your dedicated band students on an unforgettable trip, one that gives them a chance to learn, perform and have fun. Many band directors only plan a trip once every few years, so each student may only get one chance to travel with their band family. Accordingly, you want every trip to be one your students will look forward to and remember.

There are many popular travel options for student music groups. We’ve seen students get goosebumps while taking tours of major concert halls like Radio City, Julliard and Carnegie Hall. They may even be able to take part in one-of-a-kind performance events that are coordinated periodically. Some directors prefer to enter their team in popular band competitions or festivals. Whatever your preference, there are sure to be complimentary learning experiences and fun activities.

Fourwinds Tours & Travel can arrange a number different learning opportunities for your music students. It is often helpful for them to hear feedback from a fresh perspective. One popular format is music clinics. Normal clinics are casual meetings with an expert musician. Your students have a chance to learn from the guest’s styles and techniques and get the opportunity to improve their own skills. Master clinics are a little more formal, where students may get a chance to discuss their own techniques with the musician one-on-one, while the others observe in a classroom-like environment.

We can also set up musical performances for your students. These can range from fun performances at restaurants, aquariums, theme parks or any public area to more competitive events. For example, at music festivals the performances are typically critiqued and ranked by other musicians, and your group competes against other entrants. Fourwinds Tours & Travel also partners with Carnegie Hall to set up annual performances by young musicians. These are extraordinary, once in a lifetime experiences that neither the students nor their families will ever forget.

Our travel consultants can always arrange for your students to watch a symphony, Broadway show, opera, or any theatre performance. Not only that, but we can arrange a private workshop with the performers to include a round of Q&A. It is an incredible opportunity for students to speak with performers from major shows, see how their journey to stardom started and become inspired in the process.

Music travel is one of the foundations of our company, and we love making a difference in the lives of young musicians. Band members show unity, passion, love, respect and discipline (at least as much can be expected by teenagers). We at Four Winds have been planning music trips for almost 20 years and know how to deliver the best experience for your students. Contact us today to start planning your next unforgettable musical adventure.

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