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Veena, Harmeet, Gaurav, and the entire Four Winds crew provide a level of service that is rare to behold. We began planning our Carnegie Hall event almost six years prior to it coming to fruition. Through changes in district leadership, a global pandemic, and more, they were always ready to get to work on it; from the smallest logistical concerns to shifting gears and making whole sale changes to the soundcheck on the day of the event itself, they were with us, or ahead of us every step of the way. When I pitched the idea to them that we wish to present student actors and dancers on the Carnegie stage, they never wavered and just went about their business; asking the proper questions, making the necessary adjustments, and just doing all that needed to be done to simply make it happen and bring our vision to life. I was not until almost two weeks after our event that I fully realized that they never had presented dance or drama as part of their Carnegie Hall events. It all went so well and was so easy! Even when things got super tense as the big day approached all of the Four Winds folks were nothing but calm, cool, and thoroughly professional. I cannot wait to book our next school arts trip with them.

Adam E.

Director of Fine & Performing Arts

Valley Stream CHSD

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