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Since we returned from the trip to Disney, I have done nothing but rave about how great it was working with you, your company, vendors, and your entire team. Everything ran so smoothly! It was such a relief knowing that everyone was reliable. Every single company you used was professional, polite, on-time, accountable, and so much more! The bus driver that we had in Florida, Manny, was awesome! He felt like he was a member of the group, and the kids loved how he appreciated working with them. The security company was unbelievable! On-time, courteous, professional, and gave the chaperones piece-of-mind so that we can rest when needed. I’m looking forward to planning next year’s trip and would love to request all the same vendors (and Manny as a bus driver!)

Everything was a 10 out of 10!! And most importantly, this allowed the students to have a great time. “This trip gave us so many core memories!” (Highlighting a quote from the Disney movie, Inside Out). This is what we heard from several students as we have seen them over the past few weeks.

In the end, I want you to also know…this couldn’t have been done without you as well. In a job that you may never hear from the ones that matter the most…the students! You made this possible for them, and they will never forget the week they had in Disney.

Staten Island Technical High School

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