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Our trip was filled with exciting discoveries, incredible adventures and unforgettable moments.

One of the most memorable moments of our trip was our visit to the
our visit to the Hilo Tsunami Museum. This museum presents the history of
history of tsunamis in Hawaii and the efforts made to reduce the risk to the
population. We were amazed by the interactive exhibits, the presentation by the
of the tsunami geologist and the poignant testimonies of survivors.
testimonies of survivors.

We kayaked along the coast, swam in the pool, we paddled in the ocean. The students were
incredibly exemplary, showing curiosity, respect, and a positive attitude
positive attitude throughout the trip.

This trip was a memorable experience. We all
learned a lot about the culture, geology, agriculture, and environment of
the environment of Hawaii, and we made memories that will stay with us forever.
memories that will stay with us forever

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