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4 Best Places To Take A History Class Trip in America

History class trips are a great way to get your students more engaged in the curriculum. But where should you go? If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to take your students this school year, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll cover the top places to take a history class trip this year.

Washington D.C.

The majority of history class trips occur in the United States, which is why Washington D.C. makes it on our top five list! There’s plenty to see, including museums (such as the Air & Space Museum), monuments, national parks, white houses, capitol buildings, interactive experiences, and the supreme court.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is home to important historical landmarks, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Students can also visit the Franklin Institute Science Museum and the American Philosophical Society Museum to learn more about our country’s history.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is another great option for history class trips. This city is home to various historical landmarks such as the Freedom Trail, the USS Constitution Museum, and Fenway Park. Of course, there’s also plenty of shopping, shows, and dining options to check out too!

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has a rich history that students will love learning about. There are plenty of famous landmarks to see in this city, such as the French Quarter, Jackson Square, and St. Louis Cathedral. You can also visit the National World War II Museum or the Audubon Aquarium for extra fun on your trip and so much more!

Ready To Start Traveling?

If you’re ready to start planning your history class trip, be sure to check out our website for more information! You tell us, we make it happen! We offer a wide variety of trips that are perfect for students of all ages. And don’t forget, we also provide custom tours so you can create the ideal trip for your school! Your focus, your dream, our job to make it happen.

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