Student Travel in the USA

There are so many domestic destinations that possess great historical and cultural significance to this great country. Take your students on a tour of the birthplace of American Revolution in Boston. Explore the monuments, museums and government buildings of our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. Absorb the culture and arts on display in New York City. In the western part of the USA, students can travel to the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles. There are also scenic and modern tech hubs in Seattle and San Francisco’s Bay Area. The Midwest features metropolises in America’s heartland like Chicago, St. Louis and Cleveland. Top southern US travel destinations include New Orleans, San Antonio and Orlando. Which region and destinations you consider may depend on the goals of the trip and the subject being studied. We have been arranging entertaining and educational student tours across the USA for over 20 years. Learn more about the popular US student travel destinations listed, or start your free, no obligation quote today.

Popular Student Tours in America

Arizona Tours

The Grand Canyon State boasts warm weather, natural wonders, sweltering deserts and national forests.

California Tours

The Golden State offers famous attractions, numerous beaches, beautiful scenery and wonderful weather.

Florida Tours

Experience Florida's unique natural beauty, modern arts and entertainment offerings, and of course, its array of thrilling theme parks! 

Hawaii Tours

The Hawaiian Islands offer opportunities to study Polynesian culture, US History, geology, environmental science and more.

Louisiana Tours

Visit the city of New Orleans to experience a melting pot of cultures and a vibrant scene for jazz music and Cajun cuisine.

Maryland Tours

Whether you want to visit the resort town of Ocean City or elsewhere, Maryland offers natural beauty and abundant coastline.

New England Tours

This region has so many historically significant sites to explore, particularly in the Boston, Massachusetts, area.

New York Tours

The Big Apple boasts many historic landmarks as well as a cornucopia of arts and entertainment venues.

Ohio Tours

Most Ohio school trips target Cleveland, the lakeside city chock-full of fun and educational nearby attractions.

Pennsylvania Tours

From the rural Amish country to the City of Brotherly Love, Pennsylvania has an abundance to study and enjoy.

South Carolina Tours

The Saw Palmetto state boasts scenic destinations like Myrtle Beach and the historic port of Charleston.

Tennessee Tours

Most know for its rich musical heritage, Tennessee also has thrilling theme parks and Smoky Mountains National Park.

Texas Tours

The Lone Star State is famous for BBQ, sports teams, country music, Southwest history and Texas-sized fun!

Virginia Tours

The Commonwealth of Virginia boasts an enticing array of educational and entertaining attractions for all ages.

Washington DC Tours

From larger-than-life monuments to the grand exhibits at the Smithsonian, explore all that our nation's capital has to offer.