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In today’s interconnected world, educators are increasingly emphasizing service learning, having students learn about other cultures and develop an active interest in humanitarian and/or environmental causes. Teenage volunteer programs are an excellent way for youths to travel abroad, experience other cultures and provide community service where it is needed most. International volunteering helps indifferent students gain awareness of global challenges like hunger and poverty and inspires them to make a difference. Service learning trips may also allow students to satisfy high school community service requirements over summer break. Other benefits of volunteering overseas include cultural immersion (and potentially language immersion), skill-building and personal development. If you already have a service learning trip destination in mind, request a free, no-obligation quote today.

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Service Learning Trips

California Service Learning

Take your students to California to volunteer to help the less fortunate and develop the mindset of being of service to others.

China Service Learning

Opportunities abound for service learning in China, whether that's volunteering to help Pandas or offering humanitarian aid.

England Service Learning

Visit London and its many attractions, all while volunteering in meaningful community service projects.

Florida Service Learning

Enjoy warm weather and beautiful scenery while volunteering for one of Florida's many charitable organizations.

Greece Service Learning

Explore ancient ruins and volunteer to help the less fortunate in Athens, Greece's venerable capital.

Louisiana Service Learning

The boisterous city of New Orleans offers a great combination of culture, entertainment and opportunities to volunteer.

New Jersey Service Learning

The Garden State has a multitude of opportunities for students to participate in community service activities.

Pennsylvania Service Learning

School groups can learn about history, have fun and perform meaningful community service as part of a Pennsylvania trip.

Peru Service Learning

Students can volunteer in local communities before ascending the Inca trail to visit majestic Machu Picchu.