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Churches and different organizations constantly travel across the world to help spread information about their beliefs and to help those in need. Missionaries travel to different parts of the country to help build homes and aid those in need. Here at Four Winds Travel and Tours, we are dedicated to helping those organizations get to the places they need to go safely. Over the years we have assisted in all travel arrangements ranging from hotels and flights to food and ground transportation.

Students will have the opportunity to travel across the country to help those in need. They could teach English to immigrants in New York City, repair roofs for the disadvantaged in communities, and provide medical care to refugees in poverty-stricken areas.

Students will get the chance to serve on short-term mission trips and experience helping the world with their own hands. There are opportunities for nursing, pharmacy, children's ministry, engineering, camp ministry, and much more! Trust that Four Winds Travel has years of experience in organizing and planning church or ministry trips.

There are many opportunities to be a part of student-led bands, organizations and other student run groups that services. We will put together a free, no obligation quote for your travel study trip, making sure to adhere to your educational and budgetary requirements.

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Since we returned from the trip to Disney, I have done nothing but rave about how great it was working with you, your company, vendors, and your entire team. Everything ran so smoothly! It was such a relief knowing that everyone was reliable. Every single company you used was professional, polite, on-time, accountable, and so much more! The bus driver that we had in Florida, Manny, was awesome! He felt like he was a member of the group, and the kids loved how he appreciated working with them. The security company was unbelievable! On-time, courteous, professional, and gave …


Staten Island Technical High School, Disney Trip, February 2023