Student Europe Tours

Educational tours to Europe are very popular for students, particularly for those classes studying European foreign languages. Traveling to a foreign country where the language is natively spoken makes for an immersive experience. In addition, the tightly packed region's rich history provides innumerable opportunities to explore additional avenues of learning. Europe tours are also popular for students studying history, the arts, science and English (particularly if touring Great Britain).

Our travel agency is intimately familiar with Europe and can arrange fun and educational activities in every major city and country. We have planned numerous school trips to Europe, and understand how to coordinate transportation, accommodations and activities to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Browse popular destinations for European tours and, if you would like to discuss your upcoming school trip to Europe, start your free quote today.

Popular Student Tours in Europe

Austria Tours

Birthplace of Mozart and once part of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire that ruled much of Europe.

Belgium Tours

Famous for its delectable chocolate, Belgium is also considered the center of Europe and has many unique attractions.